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Types Of Bearded Dragons

There are 9 different types of bearded dragons. Descriptions and a few details about each of these bearded dragon types are below.

Pogona Barbata

Found in the eastern, wooded parts of Australia, this lizard, also known as the Coastal Bearded Dragon, Eastern Bearded Dragon, Jew Lizard or Frilly Lizard, are grey or black in color with a bit of color in the head and upper body, however, younger lizards generally have more vibrate patterns. This lizard can grow up to 24 inches, and typically will have a less docile nature than their counterparts. The dragon will eat insects, mice, plants and other reptiles. They are diurnal and semi-arboreal.

Pogona Henrylawsoni

Known as a variety of names including Rankin’s Dragon, Dumpy Dragon or Black Soil Bearded Dragon, these lizards are found in Queensland, Australia. There skin is light with a mix of beige, cream and khaki colors, and they have striping that is often found under the chin, down the tail or over their eyes. They will reach approximately 12 inches in size, and their diet is mostly crickets, worms, plants and grasshoppers. The Rankin’s Dragon loves to climb.

Pogona Microlepidota

The Drysdale River Bearded Dragon or Kimberely Bearded Dragon has less noticeable spikes than other dragons. These little fellas only grow to approximately 6 inches and are pretty rare. They inhabit coastal regions in Kimberley, Australia (hence, the name).

Pogona Minor Minor

The Dwarf Bearded Dragon is often confused with its sub species including Western Bearded Dragons and Mitchells Bearded Dragons. Reaching no more than 18 inches, the Dwarf loves deserts, rocky terrains and woods. A notable trait is a discreet beard and small head.

Pogona Minor Minima

The Western Bearded Dragon calls Western Australia’s dry, wooded areas home. This “minor” species has a longer tail than its counterparts, and taps in at approximately 12 inches. They’re omnivorous and little is known about their behavior.

Pogona Minor Mitchelli

This northwestern Australian inhabitant, the Mitchells Bearded Dragon, can live anywhere from the semi-tropic woodlands to the desert. Their large conical spikes set them apart from other species, and they’ll reach about 18 inches in length.

Pogona Nullarbor

Nullarbor Bearded Dragons (also known as Banded Bearded Dragons) like the hot, flat shrublands of south Australia. Large white stripes cover its back, and it runs 14 inches from head to tail.

Pogona Vitticeps

Yellow Headed Bearded Dragons are some of the most colorful. Ranging from browns, greys, reds, whites, yellows and oranges, these colors are bred in captivity. These omnivores will reach approximately 24 inches, and they’re considered very docile.

Pogona Vittikins

Living in the arid woodland regions of Australia, the Pogona Vittikins is a climber, and is the most commonly seen pogona as both a pet and in the wild. This lizard is approximately 24 inches long, with its tail accounting for more than half of its body. They have bigger heads and beards, and will live up to 10 years. Pogona Vittikins are normally brown in color. However, breeding has created a variety of color options.